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Celluma RESTORE Serum

Celluma RESTORE Serum

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The RESTORE Hair Serum for Scalp and Root Support

The RESTORE Hair Serum is designed to provide exceptional care and rejuvenation for your scalp and roots. One of the many things that sets this product apart from anything else on the market is that while each of these ingredient technologies has clinical support for their measurable benefits to hair and hair growth, this is the only product that combines clinically tested percentages of all three in one serum. Clean formulation with 3 clinically optimized ingredient technologies to support healthy hair volume and density.

  • Redensyl™ (3%) – A glycine and zinc technology that helps support follicle health
  • Capixyl™ (2.5%) – A peptide rich hair nourishing technology
  • Anargy™ (1%) – Plant-based protein technology that detoxifies and supports hair root health

It also has several other supporting vitamins, such as Niacinimide (Vitamin B3), ProVitamine B5, and Biotin (B7), each well-known for their ability to promote healthy hair and follicle function. This potent blend, along with select skin and hair-loving ingredients, detoxifies your scalp and roots, strengthening hair and enhancing density for your best hair yet.

The Protocol for the RESTORE Hair Therapy System

To obtain the best results use Celluma RESTORE every other day for the full 30 minutes, for 16 weeks. Following the use of the RESTORE light therapy, use the RESTORE Hair Serum daily, morning or night.

  • Place the Celluma RESTORE® light therapy panel on clean, dry hair.
  • Part your hair to expose the scalp suffering from hair loss & select the Hair mode to begin.
  • After light therapy treatment, repart your hair across the problem area to expose the scalp where the serum is needed most.
  • Apply 2 to 3 drops and massage serum into the scalp from the part outward into the surrounding scalp and hair. Repeat in problem areas for a total of 8 to 10 drops.

Light therapy compliments currently existing treatments and procedures (drugs, PRP, stem cells, transplant surgery) to enhance an individual’s outcome for maximizing hair growth. Dermatologists and medical practitioners specializing in hair restoration can ensure proper diagnosis and treatment recommendations*. Light energy hair devices can be an effective stand-alone therapy or adjunctive therapy to medication and topical prescriptions for optimal hair regrowth.

*Individuals should first consult with their doctors when making any change to their existing medical and drug routines.

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