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Naturally relieve pain, treat acne, and reduce signs of aging through the power of light in the comfort of your home.

Celluma: Professional LED Light Therapy Machines at Home

The future of radiant skin has arrived! Get your face “red carpet” ready in the comfort of your own home with the Celluma LED Light Therapy HOME machine, an award-winning light therapy device for the treatment of skin and pain conditions.

Don’t settle for a poorly made mask that only addressing one skin care concern. You want a medical-grade, FDA-cleared, and versatile device that treats aging skin and pain conditions.

Benefits of Glowing Skin

Now you can put your best face forward. The Celluma HOME is the anti-aging LED red light therapy device that every household should needs to combat under-eye wrinkles and those pesky fine lines on your face that don’t seem to disappear no matter what you try. More than a mask, with the Celluma HOME, you can put your best face forward with this beauty essential.

There are so many red LED light therapy products on the market. How do you know which one is the right purchase to get you the results and glowing skin you truly deserve?

Best LED Red Light Therapy Devices

If you are looking for an LED light therapy device to combat the fine lines and wrinkles that age brings to the face and maintain a more youthful glow and beautiful skin, all from the comfort of your own home, then the Celluma HOME LED light therapy device is your non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical secret weapon for the best results.

Your Skin Will Thank You

Focused on fighting visible and physical signs of aging, this LED red light therapy medical device is FDA-cleared to treat wrinkles and alleviate various pain conditions.

Similar to an LED mask, Celluma’s innovative, flexible, and shape-taking design ensures maximum efficacy since this device can contour closely to the treatment area including the face or anywhere on the body. But unlike a mask that only targets acne or aging skin, the Celluma HOME LED red light device targets aging skin and general pain conditions easily and comfortably anywhere on the body.

Effective Red Light Therapy

Unlike a LED mask that only covers the face, Celluma’s large coverage area allows placement over the face, or neck and décolletage.  Its lightweight construction makes this LED light therapy machine a portable, hi-tech beauty essential you should never live without.

Clinically Proven LED Light Therapy

Using powerful, clinically proven, NASA-researched technology, the Celluma LED HOME machine is FDA-cleared to treat fine lines and wrinkles on the face, as well as treating general pain and reducing inflammation in just minutes a day.

Amazing Benefits and Results

The results will truly amaze you! For examples of how Celluma LED Light Therapy devices can improve the skin on the face, click here for Before and After photos of real Celluma users.

The results and improvements in the skin with a few weeks of Celluma treatments tell the story best. Your skin tone and texture will improve and inflammation is greatly reduced with this LED beauty essential.

Device Specifics

The Celluma HOME measures 16” x 8” overall with a treatment area of 14” x 6” (larger and more versatile than a typical LED mask). For more details about the Celluma HOME, click here.

More Options to Choose From

Our Celluma HOME device isn’t the only red LED light therapy panel cleared for home use that will give you excellent results. In fact, all our beauty essential award-winning professional LED light therapy devices can be used at home.

To understand which device is right for you, let’s first discuss wavelengths to see which mode combination best fits your skin care needs to achieve your beauty goals.

Different Wavelengths to Address Your Skin Concerns

Over time skin ages differently from person to person. You can tell a lot about someone’s skin by knowing their age, what they eat, their daily habits, and even where they live.

Most people have a common skin concern or two: oily skin, dry skin, a combination of oily and dry, or sensitive skin, or wrinkles…the list goes on! Now with the assistance of effective LED light therapy devices, we can all care for our skin using portable, proven medical-grade equipment in-clinic or at-home.

With three clinically validated wavelengths, you can use any Celluma device to improve texture, appearance, and other concerns without the use of over-the-counter products and other machines. Celluma’s 20 – 30 minute treatments give you a youthful glow that keeps you looking like time has been reversed. LED light therapy is nothing new!

Blue Light Therapy Devices

Out of the three clinically proven wavelengths, visible LED blue light emits the shortest wavelength. Whether you have hormonal, teenage or stress-induced adult acne, our Celluma at-home LED blue light therapy devices use blue wavelengths to penetrate the epidermis, help kill bacteria on the surface and increase cellular activity promoting healthy, glowing skin.

Recently, there is a lot of information floating around about blue light and its potential to damage the skin. Care should be taken not to incriminate LED blue photobiomodulation in this categorization.

Red Light Therapy Devices

The application of red light therapy has the power to treat a combination of skin concerns. Red light therapy is highly absorbable by skin cells which improves cellular activity, boosting new cell growth, and enhancing skin rejuvenation.

People looking for a device to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles due to aging skin will want to use red light therapy as part of their at-home skincare routine. But don’t limit yourself to just a mask that will only treat your face. Research other red light therapy machines that can address more than one issue with a single device and provide you with a wider range of options.

Infrared Light Therapy Devices

As science has shown that infrared light therapy devices have longer wavelengths of light allowing for deeper penetration into the tissue. Not only do Celluma’s 3-mode devices work wonders for those with a combination of skin concerns, but also for those who are experiencing pain, inflammation, and discomfort.

Infrared wavelengths are proven to knock down muscle spasms, increase circulation, and help tissue repair and replenish itself. Someone looking for an at-home light therapy device for pain will want to look for a LED medical grade device that emits near-infrared wavelengths.

Experience the Power of Light Therapy Devices at Home

Now that you know the difference between the wavelengths, let’s find the right device. You don’t have to limit yourself to a mask that only addresses one issue. If you happen to be looking for a device that deals with not just the wrinkles on your face as well as pain, but also acne, look no further than the Celluma LITE or PRO models, also available as battery-powered options with the iLITE and iPRO. And acne isn’t just an issue for the face.  Unlike a mask that can only be used on the face, these LED light therapy devices can be used on skin elsewhere to deal with back and shoulder acne, too.

Benefits of Full-Body LED Light Therapy Devices

And let’s not forget that wrinkles don’t just form on our face! For full-body coverage with great results, our Celluma DELUX and DELUX XL devices can’t be beat! Now you can enjoy proven, head-to-toe red-light therapy with the first ever portable, space-saving, full-body LED devices.

Many people forget that light therapy can benefit the whole body not just the face! And you don’t have to limit yourself by just treating your face with an LED mask. With the Celluma SERIES of light therapy devices, you can use different devices on the body simultaneously.

However, therapeutic effects depend on the specific wavelength the device uses, energy delivery, treatment time, and proximity to the skin. LEDs emit multiple wavelengths of light thus penetrating multiple tissue depths.

The Celluma DELUX, which hangs conveniently on the back of a door when not in use, offers all the skin care and pain management advantages of a light therapy bed without the space requirement or exorbitant price tag.

Perfect for home users looking for a device that can address both pain and joint issues, and skin conditions such as back acne.

Small but Mighty

If you are looking for a smaller, pocket-sized portable red light therapy device, then the Celluma POD is an excellent addition to your gym bag or purse so you can treat on the go! Boasting the same efficacy and 3-in-1 versatility of Celluma’s larger professional light therapy panels, the POD is the only handheld red light therapy machine on the market FDA-cleared to treat acne, pain, and aging skin in a single device. Again, unlike a mask that only treats one condition, the Celluma POD can give you relieve for acne, aging skin, and pain.

Light Therapy Devices for Targeted Skin and Pain Relief

Amazing results in the palm of your hand! The Celluma POD has the same energy output per centimeter squared as the larger light therapy panels in the Celluma SERIES. Ideal for targeted treatments on your face and joints, or on-the-go use, this portable, cost-effective and professional-grade light therapy device is the only handheld you will ever need.

Requirements of Efficiency in Celluma Devices

Celluma LED devices meet all the requirement for effective delivery of energy into the tissue. Remember, if the energy is not absorbed then there will be no therapeutic outcome. Please visit our science page for a full explanation.

Treatment Times

Just like we charge our electronics when they are low in battery, we should think about charging ourselves to get the same long-lasting energy our skin and body need. Best results are shown from using Celluma light therapy devices 2-3 times a week for 20-30 minutes at a time.

Be sure to talk to your dedicated Celluma Clinical Specialist to learn more about best practices!

LED Light Therapy for Hair Restoration

LED light therapy is now emerging as an effective treatment for those suffering from hair loss. Male pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia (AGA), accounts for 95% of hair loss in men.

Research shows that by age 35, more than two-thirds of American men suffer from hair loss, and by age 50, 85% of men deal with thinning hair. Androgenetic alopecia is a common hair loss condition characterized by the miniaturization of hair follicles in the frontal and parietal regions of the scalp.

Women Suffer, Too

Hair loss is not a strictly male health concern. Women make up a significant percentage of those suffering from hair loss. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 40% of women have visible hair loss by the time they are age 40.

Hair loss in both women and men can have an emotional toll impacting their self-image and potentially their mental and emotional well-being.

The Need is Great

The market for effective hair restoration solutions is booming. The global hair restoration market was valued at $4.159 million in 2020 and is expected to grow by 15.4% over the next few years. LED Light therapy compliments currently existing treatments and procedures (prescription drugs, PRP, stem cells, transplant surgery) to enhance an individual’s outcome for maximizing hair growth.

Science Supports Using LED Light Therapy

Low-level light therapy is a proven effective, and safe treatment for hair loss, aging skin, and various pain conditions. It is also non-invasive, non-toxic, and painless. It enhances hair growth by targeting and boosting the biochemical processes in the scalp and hair follicle.

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